Python Programming for Network Engineers By David Bombal

Just came across this course recently, it teaches Network engineers the ability to program Networks in Python. The trainer uses practical GNS3 and Python 3 in this course. The course Instructor is David Bombal (CCIE) with 15 years of network training experience, one of the bests on the internet.

All you need to know is the basic networking knowledge CCNA level and GNS3 understanding. If you have the knowledge, you can take the course right away!

Consider looking over here

More About This Network Programming course:

  • You will learn to configure network devices with Python Programming
  • Know how to make a use NAPALM For Network Automation
  • Start in 20 minutes with quick start guide using Telnet and SSH
  • Learn connections to routers and switches using Netmiko for SSH
  • You will also understand about scaling Network scripts

Apart from the above, there are plenty of other things you learn from this highly rated class. Consider looking at the the course over here.

Course Curriculum

This 11:30 hours long course is spread across 172 total lectures. You also get 1 article and 67 supplemental resources with this course. Following is the curriculum section wise, each contains multiple lectures:

  1. Starts with Introduction
  2. GNS3 Setup – This section contains 11 lectures in total
  3. Quick Start Guide to Network Automation – Total 12 lectures in this section
  4. NETMIKO: Use SSH for network automation – Covered in 9 lectures
  5. NAPALM – This one has total 7 lectures
  6. NAPALM and BGP – 6 lectures in this section
  7. Device configuration audit and changes using NAPALM – 5 lectures in this part of the course
  8. Iteration Examples: NETMIKO Scripts – 8 lectures in this segement
  9. NETMIKO Scaling – 5 lectures on the subject
  10. Python Theory – This one is covered in 5 lectures
  11. Python Theory: Objects, Variables and Data Types – 8 lectures cover this section of the curriculum

Apart from the above, there are 13 more sections, kindly go ahead and view them here.

Stats of This Network Programming course:

  • One of the highly rated courses on the internet with 4.6/5 feedback score after 1490+ reviews
  • Total 8,428 students in the course at the moment
  • 11:30 hours long, 171 lectures, 67 Supplemental resources and 1 article

The course comes with lifetime full access upon one time enrollment fees (Nominal). If the course updates in future to stay current, you will receive the updates for free. No recurring payments at all! The best part is, you get the access to this course on all platforms, be it Mobile, Desktop and TV.

Consider looking at the course and see if you can reap the benefits. Let us know in comments below if you find the course interesting, also don’t forget to share it with your friends!

We look forward to coming up more gems of Python programming in coming days. Until then happy learning everyone 🙂

Pankaj Sharma

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