What is Python Used For?

  Python is currently the number one Programming language and it is being used everywhere. In this short story, we cover the industries where it is being used.

Data Scientists Prefer Python as there are quite a number of libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib in Python that make data cleaning, data analysis, data visualization, and machine learning tasks easier.

Software Engineers love python, as it offers enhanced process control capabilities. Developing complex multi-protocol network applications and maintaining simple and straightforward syntax is easier with it.

One of the most interesting practical uses for Python is in Artificial Intelligence. It is a stable and secure language that can handle the computations required for developing Machine Learning models

Python is greatly used for game development. Some of the real world projects in include Battlefield 2, Frets on Fire, World of Tanks, etc. These games use Python libraries like PySoy and PyGame for development.

Python is largely used for web scrapping for its simplicity and speed. The language offers a variety of libraries that you can use to scrape the web, libraires such as Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, Requests, Urllib, and Selenium.

Another real world use case of Python is in the internet of things. Python programming language enables developers to turn any object into an electronic gadget with the help of Raspberry Pi

One can build great looking graphic user interfaces with Python. PyQT, Kivy, PyGUI are a few toolkits and frameworks that are offered that are used  for GUI development.