Machine Learning Specialization by Andrew NG

Start Learning AI with this Machine Learning Specialization! Learn the basics of AI and practical machine learning skills in a beginner-friendly 3-course program by AI expert Andrew Ng.

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Andrew NG’s previous Machine Learning Course which became the most popular online course on Coursera with nearly 5 Million enrollments will no longer be available to enroll into.

This new Machine Learning Specialization is the advanced version of the Andrew NG’s popular machine learning course. It will include everything there is to learn ML and AI. Keep reading this article to learn more or click here to go to the specialization.

More About Machine Learning Specialization

This Specialization summarizes the advances made over the ten years since the original Machine Learning course was released and includes:

  • Graded assignments and lectures that teach Python instead of Octave/Matlab
  • 3 in-depth courses providing a broad introduction to machine learning, supervised learning, and unsupervised learning
  • Dozens of additional code notebooks and interactive graphs to help learners better understand ML concepts

It is a beginner friendly program, so anyone from anywhere can enroll in this Specialization, however, if you have the following knowledge it will be easier for you to understand the concepts lot easier:

  • Basic coding (for loops, functions, if/else statements)
  • High school-level math (arithmetic, algebra)

Along with Coursera Co-Founder Andrew NG, there are three more instructors who will be teaching you in this three courses specialization, and their names are:

  • Eddy Shyu, Curriculum Architect
  • Aarti Bagul, Curriculum Engineer
  • Geoff Ladwig, Curriculum Engineer

If you can spare 8 hours each week for this specialization, you can easily complete it in 2 months or less.

Enrollments: 446,826 as of July 2024 Rating: 4.9/5 after 23.8K+ reviews

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3 Courses in Machine Learning Specialization

As stated above, there are three courses in this program and each one is very important. So do take them in the manner they are presented in the curriculum.

  1. Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification – Learn More
  2. Advanced Learning Algorithms – Learn More
  3. Unsupervised Learning, Recommenders, Reinforcement Learning – Learn More

Through these three courses, you will master the following skills:

  • Decision Trees
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Logistic Regression
  • Recommender Systems
  • Linear Regression
  • Regularization to Avoid Overfitting
  • Gradient Descent
  • Supervised Learning
  • Logistic Regression for Classification
  • Xgboost
  • Tensorflow
  • Tree Ensembles

The original Machine Learning Course of Andrew NG was the most popular ML course ever with nearly 5 million enrollments. It was important to update that course to make it more relevant in today’s world.

Therefore, it is recommended that you consider giving it a shot and start learning today.