Python 3 Bootcamp by Colt Steele

Modern Python 3 Bootcamp course by Colt Steele is simply amazing. It is one of the best selling python courses on Udemy. What makes the course a must have is the instructor, rating of the course and incredible 29.5+ hours of on demand video.

Through this bootcamp Colt Steele gives you a unique interactive Python experience with nearly 200 exercises and quizzes.

Python 3 bootcamp by Colt Steele
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More About Python3 Bootcamp

This is not just another Python course, its the best of all. All the new developments and additions to Python language are covered in the course. Python 3 is the way ahead for developers and that is what this course covers throughout. Anyone who want to learn Python from scratch, this the only course they should take!

Here’s what the course offers to learners:

  • 29.5+ hours of Video
  • 115 articles
  • 8 downloadable resources
  • 135 coding exercises
  • Lifetime access once you enroll
  • The course is updated regularly to make sure it covers the new Python developments
  • Certificate of completion

Apart from the above, you also get the discussion forums to interact with other subscribers of this course. You can participate in discussions to clear yours and others doubts.

The course is brand new, within the first week of launch it became the best seller. Following are the stats of this Python3 bootcamp:

  • Best Seller in Python Programming
  • 117,610+ subscribers already
  • Feedback score 4.7/5 after 29,709+ ratings
  • Last updated in February 2024

The above stats for any new course are really astonishing! The feedback score for the course is one of the highest among all Python courses. These stats will change overtime, to see the real time numbers please go here.

Know about Colt Steele

Colt Steele is one of the top Udemy Instructors at the moment. Within the very first year of his teaching he got the best newcomer Udemy instructor award in 2015.

Following are some of his numbers and recognition:

  • Has 1.73 Million+ students
  • After 529K+ reviews, he maintains a feedback score 4.7/5 (One of the toppers)
  • His students work for  giants like Google, Salesforce, Square to name a few
  • Worked at Udacity as a Senior Course Developer
  • Helped hundreds of people become web developers

Colt Steele went to New York University for his education. He currently lives in San Francisco California.

Colt Steele has another bootcamp course the complete web development bootcamp (Link). It is still the no.1 web development Udemy course online. We highly recommend any course that Colt Steele offers to the learners, simply because of his teaching style.


Yes, if you want to master Python programming with all the modern developments and additions, this is the only course you need. Go ahead and enroll now, we highly recommend it!

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