The Python Bible By Ziyad Yehia

The Python bible by Ziyad Yehia is one of the top python courses on Udemy. The course covers everything from scratch, the instructor assumes that you are a complete beginner. You will learn everything through this course to start programming in Python.


python bible by ziyad yehia
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With The Python Bible Course:

  • Learn to create 11 Python3 projects with easy to follow instructions
  • You also learn to automate coding tasks by making custom functions
  • Understand Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and give your resume a boost
  • You will know how to use variables to track data in python programs
  • Learn to make use of numbers and make “Behind-the-Scenes” functionalities
  • Know how to use strings to create customized, engaged UX
  • Learn to build business programs using logic and data structures
  • Understand how to use loops to improve efficiency, save time and maximize productivity

Course Content:

Course link: View here

Number of lectures:  72 lectures

Total watchable time: 9 hours and 10 minutes

Other Stuff: You will also get 10 coding exercises, 2 supplemental resources and 2 important articles. Apart from that you get lifetime access to this course once you enroll. If the instructor decides to add more content to this course, you get them free, no recurring charges at all! After you finish the course, you get the certificate of completion as well.

Random Review:  By Maria Singstad Paulsen

The course is currently enjoying feedback score 4.6/5 after 5,000+ ratings. This course has around 28,800 subscribers at the moment and they are going to increase with time! For those who want to learn python should consider taking this course. Its not only complete but affordable as well!

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