Want to master Python programming? How about mastering it online from University of Michigan? Yes, its possible now! The University of Michigan is offering 5 online courses on Coursera. After the successful completion you get a certificate which will be of a great value in your resume.

The specialization covers the introduction to fundamental programming concepts. Including data structures, networked application program interfaces, and databases, using the Python. This Specialization builds on the success of Python for Everybody course.

master python with 5 online courses from university of michigan
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Master python with these 5 Online Courses

University of Michigan has the following 5 online courses under Python for everybody specialzation:

  1. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python): The course is 7 weeks long, approximately 2-4 hours of commitment every week. Subtitle are available in English, German and Chinese(Simplified)
  2. Python Data Structures: Another 7 weeks long course with same amount of commitment like previous course. For this course the subtitles are only available in English and Chinese(Simplified)
  3. Using Python to Access Web Data: This is a 6 weeks long course, you will need to commit 2-4 hours this this course every week. For this course the subtitles are only available in English
  4. Using Databases with Python: Students will finish this course in 5 weeks! You will need to commit 2-3 hours of this course every week. Only English subtitles are available for this one
  5. Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python: This will be a 6 week long course. You will need to commit 2-4 hours to this one every week. Subtitles will be available in English only


The specialzation starts on January 22, 2018, you can enroll right now if you want. To enroll please visit this link

If you are someone who can commit time to this specialzation,  go ahead and enroll today. The certificate from a University will mean a lot for you! If you are someone who wants to take self paced courses only then consider looking at this online python bible.

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