Statistics with Python Specialization From University of Michigan

Coursera is the best place to master Statistics with Python! As University of Michigan, one of the top Universities of USA is offering Statistics with Python Specialization on Coursera. Anyone from anywhere in the world can enroll in it and start learning.

Those who prefer online learning over conventional learning should definitely look at it. In this article, I go through the stuff you are going learn throughout this specialization. Do read in full to know all of that!

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Statistics with python specialization coursera

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Statistics with Python Specialization

As of July 2024, this specialization has over 83,000 students. And it is the most recommended resource for mastering statistics with python. The best part is, you need no prior knowledge to start learning from it. The entire content is online, which means, there are no deadlines, you can pick your own schedule.

The instructors of the specialization are:

  • Brenda Gunderson, Lecturer IV and Research Fellow, Department of Statistics
  • Brady T. West, Research Associate Professor, Institute for Social Research
  • Kerby Shedden, Professor, Department of Statistics

This specialization consists of three courses and they are:

  1. Understanding and Visualizing Data with Python
  2. Inferential Statistical Analysis with Python
  3. Fitting Statistical Models to Data with Python

The duration of this specialization is approximately 2 months. You will need to spare about 9 hours each week to complete it.

After the completion of this specialization, you will be well skilled in Python Programming, Data Visualization (DataViz), Statistical Model and Statistical inference methods. 

If you are not a native English speaker and you find it tough to understand the accent, don’t worry, you have the option to enable English sub titles.

Go for the certificate

If you decide to pursue this specialization, please aim for the certificate as well. This will help your resume immensely! You may end up getting a preference over others in your job application.

To earn the certificate, you need to complete the specialization in the following order:

  • Finish all the three courses in this specialization
  • Complete the hands on projects

Once you do the above, you earn the certificate 🙂


Statistics with Python specialization is a great opportunity for learners to equip themselves with the skills that will bring them great job offers. Consider enrolling today and start the journey as soon as you can.

Hope you find this post insightful, if you do, kindly share it with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. I look forward to post more resources like this soon, until then bye and happy learning!