Learn Python From Scratch – A Free Beginners Guide

If you are a complete beginner and want to learn Python, here’s a good free course to start with. The instructor of the course is Sumitavo Biswas, someone with 11 years of experience in the industry.  You will learn all that a beginner should know at no cost at all. The course remains free for sometime, make sure you go ahead and enroll right now!

This free offer is for a limited time, after that, you can use this coupon code “PYTHONBEGINOFF” to get the course at just $10 bucks. Still a great deal for the beginners, isn’t it?

learn python from scratch complete beginners guide

Stats of this complete Python beginners guide

The course is very new at the moment, still it has quite good numbers. As of the time I write this post, following are the stats, make sure to view the course page to see the real-time data.

  • 3834 students learning from this class at the moment
  • Course rating is 4.2/5 after 13 ratings
  • The course includes 55 lectures, total 6 hours of on demand video
  • Assignments

The course stresses on Variables and DataTypes in Python the most, this part includes 16 lectures, the total length of this section is 1 hour 38 minutes.  To learn more please visit the course page

More about the course

This course is free at the moment until next few days as per Instructors will. Therefore, learners should enroll the moment they come across it. Now, once you take this course, you get lifetime access to it, you pay nothing else, this is the best thing about Udemy.

After you successfully complete the course, you get certificate of completion, you can share that certificate on your LinkedIn or Resume. This may get you an edge over the others when you apply for job applications.

The course is accessible through Mobile app, Desktop, and TV. You can learn from anywhere at anytime, there are no restrictions.

Hope this post is insightful and learners will share it with their friends as well.